My TBR for the Astrology Readathon!!

Clo @Cuppa Clo (a wonderful blog which you should most definitely check out) is hosting an astrology readathon!! This looked amazing, so I’ve decided to actually gasp commit to a TBR. Very unlike me, but I’m really excited for this one. Let’s hope I actually stay on track with it.

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Three Genres I Love (and three I’ve barely touched)

Originally I thought I was going to be super open minded, and it was going to be super difficult to pick three genres I loved- but no. Turns out I just have a very specific type of book I like to read. But I did manage to get to three! Kind of. So this went from let’s talk about what I read!! To please help me find things to read… and I’m going to be using these recommendations for next month’s TBR!!

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Author Interview With Rati Mehrotra!!

Night of the Raven, Dawn of the Dove, stole my heart from the first page. It was everything I’d needed in a book, having fantasy, romance, a badass main character, and a twist on medieval India as the setting which I felt a personal connection to. The characters and plot were absolute perfection, and wanting to know more about the book (as well as the amazingly talented author behind it). I reached out for an interview, and I’m excited to share her wonderful replies!!

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January Wrap up + February TBR (but who am I kidding, I never follow those anyway. still fun though :D)

I kind of disappeared for a while (but we’re going to proceed to ignore that and move on because the “oh no! too much school stuff!” speech is getting repetitive and boring). I had a good reading month (with a book I’m really excited to scream about) and I have a few changes I’ve decided to make with the blog!

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What I’ve been up to! + January things!! Also it’s 2023?? What?? I refuse?? When did that happen??

Happy New Years!! And also Happy Holidays!! because I missed that too… The past few months have been chaotic (in a good way) and also it’s a whole new year?! What?! I swear it was just March like… yesterday. But beyond my blatant denial of the passage of time, I’ve actually kind of set goals! Which, considering my lack of organization, is very impressive.

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Smash or Pass- Book Tropes!!

Book tropes and I have a very long history. There are some I adore, and some I wish never existed @miscommunication i hate u forever. So, I asked some friends of mine for lists of book tropes, as well as throwing in a few I love/hate to create a chaotic rant about 16 different tropes- and my thoughts. Could this be a bad idea because of my lack of decision making ability?? Yes, yes it could. Let’s do it anyway!

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My Pet Peeves With Book Covers

Hello there! I’ve once again completely disappeared (and completely ignored everything that happened i’m sorry) in favor of post exam mindless tv watching as I eat possibly unhealthy amounts of ice cream. It’s a thing okay. A very necessary thing. All that aside, now that I have time for more than school, I’ll probably be way more active so yay!

Onto what this post is actually about. Book covers. The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is going to be completely ignored for the duration of this post, fair warning. Because honestly, books are highly judged by their covers, and judging their covers is essentially the entire point for this post! They can be great! They can be stunning, breathtaking, compelling you to buy a book you’ve just laid eyes on for the first time because of how gorgeous and intriguing the cover art is. Or, they can be terrible, leading you away from a potentially amazing book. And since I’m clearly super optimistic, I’m here to discuss the latter!

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