Life Updates (Ranting)

Where shall I begin??? I got a Goodreads, so that’s new!! Let’s be friends so we can scream about books together (because ranting with others is more fun than ranting to yourself sometimes❤️) and generally have a good time! Goodreads is really confusing… I don’t know if this is because I’m not the smartest, or because there’s a learning curve. But yeah, if you have a Goodreads and want to be friends, I linked my profile above and it’s also on the sidebar of the blog.


This is actually pretty sad for me because we’re best friends, and I’ll really miss her. I’ll be out of town for the next few days to drop her off (I get to skip picture day in school which I think is the real accomplishment from all of this) and then she’s just… gone?? It’s really strange to even imagine. Like, once we get back, I’ll walk into her room and she just… won’t be there?? Who am I supposed to yell to about random things at 3:00 in the morning?? I don’t even think I’ve really processed it yet. I’d probably be much less sad about this if we weren’t as close, or if her college was in state. But no. It’s literally in a different time zone. Ok it’s by an hour but like. Still. Dramatic Effect.

ALSO!!! She bought me Today, Tonight, Tomorrow and Iron Widow, as well as the first volume of the Haikyu!! manga as a like a going away gift?!!! My gift seems lame in comparison… BUT PRETTY BOOK PHOTOS!!! I CAN TAKE LOTS OF PRETTY BOOK PHOTOS!!! So that was lovely of her.

Bookshelf Reorganization. This is still. Um. In progress… I don’t know why. I really should be done by now but I can’t decide on anything?? Judging by how long this is taking, this better look amazing at the end or I’ll be offended. By my own decoration choices. Yeah. Logic.

School is pretty normal, same with tennis. Nothing super crazy happened there. In other news, I’ve now decided to read Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Seuss (which I entirely blame Lily Yu for) so my TBR is still being abandoned. 😦 I DEFINITELY NEED TO RANT ABOUT IRON WIDOW + LEGENDBORN!! EXPECT THOUGHTS!!

This was a fairly short post, but I’m using this blog to scream about whatever I feel like so… expect this.

Anything crazy happen in your life? Thoughts on any of this? Ever read Yertle the Turtle? Let’s chat in the comments!


26 thoughts on “Life Updates (Ranting)

  1. Goodreads is good if you just want a longterm list of the books you’ve read. At some point I’d highly recommend starting your own spreadsheet or someother offline thing to keep track of your books that you’ve read. You’ll thank yourself in about 20 years 😀

    And I hear you about ranting online. Blogs are great for that. Sorry that you’re going to miss your sister so much but I hope the new experience turns out to be good overall.

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    1. I’ll definitely give that a try! It seems like a wonderful organization system, and Goodreads does confuse me a bit so it’s definitely going to be beneficial to have another system in place as well. 20 years… yup totally reasonable.

      Blogs are the best for ranting and I adore the supportive community of them. Thank you!! Yeah, I’m hoping I’ll adjust to it soon. Thanks for reading! ❤

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  2. Goodreads is great! I wouldn’t have a blog if it weren’t for the community I found on GR. That platform helped me realize how much I liked having other reader friends online and also how much I love talking about books lol.

    I’m the eldest, so I’ll be leaving home for college in a year. 😭 My sister is also my best friend; I don’t know what I’ll do without her!

    Ooh, you play tennis! Tennis was my favorite sport for some time. Then I had to drop out of the team, and now it hurts a little to think about lol.

    *evil cackles* Mwahahaha!!! I suppose we’ll be buddy reading Yertle the Turtle, then? 🐢🐢🤣

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    1. Yes!! Goodreads is wonderful, and it’s really cool to see the whole community and all the books available. I found Goodreads through blogging and now I can yell about books on more platforms, yay!!

      No that’s the worst 😭😭 my sister just moved into her dorm today, and it’s already weird not having her here.

      Tennis is fun!! Im really enjoying it, and oh no! Im sorry that happened 😭😭

      Ofc! Such a wonderful piece of literature needs to be discussed.


  3. aww I’m sorry to hear that you’re going to be missing your sister- that really does suck :((( even though I find my brother to be extremely annoying , it would be so weird without him 😂
    AND OMG NEW BOOKS!!! can’t wait to see all the gorgeous photos you take with them!!! argh yes goodreads is extremely annoying- i got it a few months back and i still don’t know how to use it 😂

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    1. It’s really weird not having her here to randomly barge into my room, but I mean. At least books??? Books are lovely!! ❤ Yess it's always weird when change happens, especially it's with people you care about.
      AHH yes I'm so excited they're so pretty 😭😭
      Goodreads mildly makes sense?? But then something new will come up and I'll be confused all over again… Goodreads is weird.


  4. nbvnbhbffd YAYY ON GETTING A GOODREADS ACCOUNT!! i’d LOVE to say that its actually confusing for everyone BUT MAYBE i’m just dumb too THATS WHY IT TOOK ME DAYS TO FIGURE STUFF OUT?? BUT ITS OK WE CAN BE DUMB TOGETHER!!!!!

    i’m so sorry about your sister going away to college though 🥺😭 like, life without sisters right beside you is RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT AND ALSO MUCH MORE AWKWARD THAN NORMAL??? jfhjfhfdh am currently living 4-hrs-by-plane away from my sister for a few months AND I SOMETIMES DESPERATELY WISH TO TELL HER DUMB THINGS BUT SHE ISNT HERE?? so yes. its sad like that. BUT YAYYY ON THE BOOKS AND I HOPE YOU LOVE THEM!!!



    1. BEING DUMB TOGETHER IS THE BEST!! ❤ I feel like I've said I'm figuring out Goodreads but uh… guess that's a lie because I'm once again confused (apparently you can recommend books which I'm obsessed with but… how?!)

      OMG SAME!!! ACTUALLY THE EXACT SAME MY SISTER IS FOUR HOURS AWAY FROM ME BY PLANE!! And I do get to see her in a few months when she visits so… insane coincidences?! ALSO YEAH! Who am I supposed to rant to at 3:00 am?! Who's going to barge into my room at the most random times to talk about a TV show I haven't watched? Not having sisters with you is the worst.

      YES MY TBR MUST BOW TO MY WHIMS!!! jkjk I actually feel so terrible every time I think about how I've abandoned it. OMG YES LEGENDBORN AND IRON WIDOW WERE SO AMAZING THAT I NEED TO SCREAM?!!! but I also unfortunately have gotten so busy 😭😭 but as soon as I get my act together I swear I'll rant.


  5. Both of my kids played tennis. My son switched to football and never looked back, but my daughter got a college scholarship and met and married the tennis player who did her college tour when she visited. (He was at one point ranked #3 in Peru.) He’s now a tennis pro where they live, and she sometimes coaches when she’s not home with their baby. You can play that sport for decades. So exciting to “meet” someone else who plays. Especially someone who loves books!

    Sorry about your sister leaving. Thank God you can video chat.

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    1. Wow, that’s amazing!! Yessss I completely agree. Tennis is the kind of sport that you can play for years and not get bored. It’s always lovely to meet someone who shares your passions, and it’s an extra treat when they love books! Video chat is wonderful so I can still talk to my sister and see her even though she isn’t here. Thank you! ❤

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