LGBTQ+ Historical Icons Tag!!

Hi! So, I’m aware I’ve been slightly dead for a little bit, but I’m back! School was being a pain, and after I finished homework, I was too tired to do anything but binge watch dramas. Also, my computer wasn’t working for a bit? So uh. Excuses. Yeah. BUT I’M BACK!! And!! I’ve been tagged by the wonderful Riddhi @Whispering Stories! Her post is wonderful, so definitely check that out.


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Yes, I am aware I just talked about this book, but I finished it and I really enjoyed it?? I typically despise required reading (probably because I’m required to read them and I hate that) but this was surprisingly pretty good! Also, it’s written in verse, so it fit perfectly for this category. I’d also recommend the complete collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s works because that’s quite amazing and I’m slightly obsessed with the poems.

Jason. That’s all I have to say. Jason, and Crest. Especially Crest. This book hurt me.

Maybe this?? It’s kind of colorful?? Most of the books I own follow a specific color scheme, so this one was fairly difficult. Also maybe Iron Widow because there’s lots of color, but there aren’t many different colors?? It’s basically the same color scheme thing (but it’s so pretty!!!).

Ok, to explain this. This series was a portion of my childhood and inspired me to start writing a diary of my own (in fourth grade I think). I still do keep a journal, so that’s stuck around, but my writing has changed a lot since then.

Jude? I pick Jude. But also I don’t really trust her to have my back. Originally I was just going to find a super overpowered character and just pick them, (for. you know. strategy. and winning purposes) but I feel like it depends a lot on circumstances. Jude seems pretty adaptable, so I feel like she’d do well??? Unless she backstabs me for power. Which, I mean, I love Jude, but I feel like she has the potential to do that.

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow because I live for Academic Rivals to Lovers, and no one can convince me that it’s not the best thing ever.

Unfortunately, none come to mind.

Open Prompt, Your Choice!– Your Favorite Piece of Classic Literature

This was one of the first classic literature novels I read (as a part of my attempt to start reading more classics) and so far it’s been my favorite!

I tag:

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13 thoughts on “LGBTQ+ Historical Icons Tag!!

    1. Haha I completely agree. Jude would be quite terrifying to have to fight, but she seems like an amazing character to have fighting at your side. Ty for reading! ❤

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  1. This looks like such a fun tag to do! As soon as you mentioned Dork Diaries, my mind went on a trip down memory lane. And I actually read The Great Gatsby a while back. While I didn’t love it all that much, I definitely enjoyed the themes and certain scenes took me by surprise. Great post 💕

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    1. It definitely was!! Yessss Dork Diaries was like. 40% of my childhood. And I loved it to death. I am forever convinced that it’s clearly high end literature. Classic literature in general is a genre I’m not in love with, but my sister was so obsessed with it that I’m trying to read more. I agree, it certainly did have intriguing themes. Thank you!! ❤

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  2. AHH I LOVE THIS!! jason definitely did deserve better even though i never really loved his character. and oooh yess jude seems like a formidable ally but she’d definitely try to backstab you 😂

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    1. Jason was never a favorite, but the whole thing just felt kind of abrupt and I wanted better for him. Jude would be absolutely wonderful to have on my side, but she wouldn’t stay on my side… and that wouldn’t go very well for me…

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