October Wrap Up + November Goals!!

Hello!! October is over, and I’ve managed to accomplish things! Which, considering my laziness, is very impressive and I deserve applause. Also cake. Cake would be nice. I did end up having a relaxed(ish) month in terms of school (entirely because of Fall break, it has all my love and appreciation) though I once again haven’t been super active on here. BUT I DID READ KIND OF. Which was always lovely (though it was mainly rereads so I’m not going to talk about that much) and had created the perfect cozy set up complete with hot cocoa!! So, the ultimate cozy vibes as I got lost in books. Perfection. Continuing on, let’s talk about October!

My friends and I had a “Secret Skellington” (my brilliant rip of version of Secret Santa for getting free books sooner, highly recommend this method) and that was incredibly fun!! There was food, and that really makes anything worthwhile. On top of that, my friend who had me got me the most perfect gift (consisting of a purple pouch of lavender, stationary she decorated, a galaxy ballpoint pen that actually goes perfect with a notebook I have, and of course a book?! I’m aware that gift exchanges aren’t technically a competition. but she won, it was perfect)!

When picking up groceries, my family and I somehow received three free bottles of wine? I’m convinced there was an order mix up, and while I can’t drink it, I found the situation hilarious. Based on how the system works, we couldn’t return them so… someone is bound to be unhappy. I still personally vote for free ice cream in the next mix up (cookies and cream is always preferable) and also a cake. I think I’m just craving cake.

I found out my sister is visiting in November!! But, I have to get my tooth surgery thing done the same week (wisdom teeth plus a weird gum flap thing? I don’t really know it’s a weird situation) so hopefully I’ll be less in pain by the time she arrives, and we can actually have fun together.

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The lack of activity also means I haven’t been reading as many posts… but I do remember a couple in particular that I really liked! Naemi @ABookOwlsCorner made The Functions Book Tag!! I really enjoyed this because it combined math and books (perfection, love that) and was really interesting to see subjects that don’t typically mesh combined! I also adored Akshita @AnthologyOfAkshithasThoughts‘s post on a book review of Divergent. I’m not a fan of that series so it was incredibly satisfying to read this review.



This month I’d like to (hopefully) post seven times (so I can beat last month like two. so I win… against myself. wow I’m competitive…), do more writing, and read books that I haven’t before instead of my endless cycle of rereads! I should probably get to Seven Husbands and SoC, and I would really like to because they seem amazing?! And I’ve been saying that for months, I know, but hopefully I’ll actually get to them this month because I feel like they’ll be perfect. New favorites? Probably!

How has everyone’s Octobers been? I attained almost a hundred Twix this Halloween (because my friends gave me many) and yes it was absolutely necessary to get that many because I was in a competition with a friend of mine for who could get more. And I had to win. And I did! Other than that, is The Nightmare Before Christmas more of a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? I need an answer to this. Let’s chat in the comments!


18 thoughts on “October Wrap Up + November Goals!!

  1. love the idea of secret skellington!! nightmare is such a wonderful movie—it’s a tradition in my family to watch it every year when we carve pumpkins 🙂 and as to your question of whether or not it’s a halloween or christmas movie, my answer is: yes.
    hope you have a great november!! good luck w the wisdom teeth surgery oof

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    1. secret skellington was fun, and I’d definitely recommend it!! aww that tradition sounds lovely! my sister and I used to watch it together for christmas and halloween because we could never decide which one it counts as, so I completely agree with your answer!
      thank you, you too!! also oof yeah i’m not excited
      thanks for reading!! ❤

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  2. Oooh, secret skellington sounds super fun! 🤩 Although I already always run into trouble getting my secret santa present ready in time for Christmas, so I guess it’s a good thing no one is entrusting me with additional gift-giving duties… 😂

    As to your Nightmare Before Christmas question, I’m afraid I can’t really help you there – the last time I saw it, I was around eight and thought it was really scary (So maybe it’s a Halloween movie? 🤔🤣), which means I’ve never rewatched it since and have forgotten absolutely everything about it! Still, I’d say the two are not mutually exclusive!

    Also, thank you so much for sharing my post! 💙 And good luck with the tooth surgery! If you need some cheering up after, Evelyn Hugo and SoC are definitely good picks 😉

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    1. I bought my present two days before we all met up, and a friend of mine got a gift morning of. So, I completely get that. I feel like I’m better at Secret Santa somehow?? I mostly remember to buy gifts for that, however most people I do it with tend to get annoyed when I almost immediately figure out who has who.

      OMG WAIT SAME. I rewatched it recently, (my sister made me, I was terrified to try at first) and it wasn’t scary… at all??? So I’m severely judging my younger self on this one.

      It was perfection <3, and I'm not excited at all… at least I'll have Seven Husbands and SoC to cheer me up!! Ty for reading! ❤

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    1. it’s perfection ❤ (and i claim all name credits because it was going to be “secret skeleton” and that low key founded like a horror move title… so i fixed it!) divergent was. something. i didn’t like it and i don’t think i ever will.


  3. Ahhh Secret Skellington sounds so perfect!! Happy that your friend treat you well too 😌 Sadly, i dont own any reading friends in the real world- so eh .. 😅

    Ouch! Bad luck to have your surgery & your sister visiting at the same time.. hopefully it does go well & you’re able to enjoy your time with her.

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    1. Secret Skellington is lovely (I would recommend)!! Yes, they’re wonderful. I also don’t have any book friends in real life, so wishlists are always lovely ❤

      It was unfortunately scheduled, but the surgery needed to be done as soon as possible so oh well. I hope so too, and I should likely be better by the time she arrives (hopefully) so that would be lovely!!

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      1. They’re still in my gums unfortunately 😭 but I heard it’d make the process easier so maybe it’s a good thing? I think one is starting to grow so that’s never good. Not excited… but maybe since I’ll have nothing else to do I could catch up on tv because i’m productive like that.


      2. Hm strange… I think they said it because the teeth don’t have proper roots yet, so it’ll be easier to remove them or something?? But thank you!! I hope so too

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