Smash or Pass- Book Tropes!!

Book tropes and I have a very long history. There are some I adore, and some I wish never existed @miscommunication i hate u forever. So, I asked some friends of mine for lists of book tropes, as well as throwing in a few I love/hate to create a chaotic rant about 16 different tropes- and my thoughts. Could this be a bad idea because of my lack of decision making ability?? Yes, yes it could. Let’s do it anyway!

Starting off basic, I see. Hmm. Smash if done right. Because honestly, a good enemies to lovers has them be actual enemies, and not just be hate to love. A lot of the time things are advertised as enemies to lovers when they’re really not?? So I don’t love that.

Smash. I do prefer a more extreme shift in dynamics (friends to enemies to lovers, or something even more complicated because I like twisty without being too convoluted plots. I’m picky like that.) however I do love a cute friends to lovers romance, so I’m here for it.

Hm. Okay so I’ve seen this done so incredibly well?? As a trope, I’ve really only seen positive examples of this, but I can also see how this can go terribly. I think based on my limited prior experience alone, I’d say smash. But my hopeless romantic heart (I’ve been spoiled by books I really can’t be blamed) with meet cutes and stuff wouldn’t love it. Still, I think I’ve seen it be adorable so smash.

This was actually super interesting for me because I don’t think I’ve read very many (if any) countdown to destruction books. I think the ones I have read were super basic and predictable, and I pretty much knew what was going to happen immediately. A friend of mine said that she’d read some that had been done well? But based entirely off of personal opinion, I’m going to have to say pass on this one because I need a plot that I can’t completely predict (with some exceptions) to stay invested. Still, I would love to read recommendations and give this a fair chance over my limited experience with it.

Hard pass. I absolutely despise this trope because it’s frustrating, annoying, and frankly stupid. Yes, I did include this just to vent. There is absolutely no need to have the issue in the plot being that characters lack basic social skills (I say, being incredibly antisocial) and can’t clearly convey a message!! And now oh no! there’s fights, and chaos, and so much of a stressful mess that could’ve been avoided by characters being less confused about something?! No. If there is miscommunication that lasts longer than like. A few pages. I’m done. I hate it. I can’t take it. Pass forever. I don’t even know if this can be done well.

I’m going to have to say smash for this one. It’s one of those tropes I genuinely just can’t understand why I like so much but it’s been so well done?? So I love it.

My first instinct was to say pass. It really was, because I hate the entire idea of love triangles. I think if the romance is the only part of the book, and it’s a love triangle, then pass. But like… Legendborn for example. Romance isn’t the main focus point (it’s Bree and she’s the coolest ever and I will defend that eternally. Also Sel.) but there is a love triangle and I still love the book so?? I don’t think it takes away that much?? But, going as purely a trope, I don’t love it because one character has to be sad and unless I hate them, that’s not fun. So…pass.

Smash. I absolutely adore grumpy/sunshine as a trope, and as a general dynamic. It’s absolutely adorable, and having someone who’s usually closed off shown being all caring and sweet? I melt. This is 100% in the top five for favorite tropes, and I love to see it. Even if it’s a friendship dynamic, it’s very fun to see the characters interact.

Yet another trope I absolutely adore. Smash. Found family is adorable, and I adore seeing characters get the love and appreciation they deserve. Is this slowly devolving into me needing all my favorite characters to be happy forever? Yes, yes it is. And I’m okay with that. I heard this is in Six of Crows so?? Excited?? I would say that I need to read this immediately (because I do) but knowing me, I’ll probably just procrastinate on my TBR again… the woes of having too many good books to read.

I’m going to have to pass on this one. While some people do enjoy insta-love, I prefer slowburn with more built up tension. I don’t hate it?? I do like to read it sometimes, but typically I tend to like more in depth romances.

This is going to be a hard pass from me. It’s essentially just romanticizing something it shouldn’t, and I really don’t like reading it. I especially don’t like when bully romances are marketed as enemies to lovers, because?? It’s not?? So that just ends up being fairly annoying. Also, the mindsets some characters can get into are just super unhealthy?? So it’s not something I tend to read much overall.

100% Smash. I absolutely adore forbidden love (top five tropes. are we beyond five? I do not know oh well. top tropes.) because it’s something so strong that they’re willing to fight for it against all odds?? Or some secrecy aspects of it, even, can be adorable. Love this trope.

Hmm. Okay so the outcome of the fake dating trope is always predictable, of course, and for this case I don’t really mind the cliché?? I don’t love when the amount of clichés used for it are overdone, or badly written. I think it can be done right, and the mutual pining can either be cute or frustrating. Mostly both. It’s not my favorite, but I don’t particularly hate it?? I’ll say smash just because I have read good examples, but I’m not super attached.

Hmm I think smash if the backstory doesn’t involve each other, or if there wasn’t a dramatic break up. If there’s too much of a messy history, I don’t love the idea of a second chance romance, but with something on a lower scale I don’t mind it.

I do love a classic roommates romance, so I’ll have to say smash for this one. I get that these can get super cliché but I truly don’t mind, and will still fangirl over all of them.

Time for my favorite!! I absolutely love rivals to lovers. The tension, the slowburn, everything about it is perfection. I’m a sucker for any rivals to lovers at all, whether it’s academic, or in a fantasy setting. It’s kind of a subsection under enemies to lovers, but it’s still different because they don’t necessarily hate each other, they’re just competitive and I love it so I’m including it. Smash all the way, I will read pretty much anything with this trope. So recommendations will be greatly appreciated forever ❤

This most definitely just turned into me not being overly attached to words on a page but book characters>>> So can I truly be blamed? I’d love to hear your thoughts (and your answers) so let’s chat in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Smash or Pass- Book Tropes!!

  1. Miscommunication is the worst trope to exist!! It’s so annoying when two characters, who supposedly know each other well, get into arguments and create drama for the book, just because they didn’t talk it out.
    On the flip side, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, found family, and more but I don’t want to list them out are all amazing, especially found family. That’s definitely in my top tropes, it’s just so heartwarming and wholesome.

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    1. Exactly! Like they supposedly “understand each other” as if. It just feels unnecessary, and it’s frustrating. Yesss those tropes are absolute perfection and I’ll never get tired of reading them.
      Thanks for reading!! ❤

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  2. jfhfhghjdjh NO BUT HAVE I MENTIONED THAT THE NEW BLOG DESIGN IS PHENOMENAL??? the color shades are so so whimsical AND JUST BEAUTIFUL OK?? am in love with it all, YOU SMOL GENIUS.

    also THIS IS FUN. so much fun. I LOVE. also completely agree with you on the enemies to lovers IT’S VERY VERY ANNOYING WHEN THEY’RE NEVER ENEMIES TO BEGIN WITH?? because whats the fun in that am i right. THEY MUST HATE EACH OTHER AND POSSIBLY USE THREATS AND HOLD THEM AT SWORD POINT YES. and then reluctantly fall in love later. BUT ACCIDENTALLY. then its fun,

    HA ok but this is like 20% a post about all the tropes and 84374455% about your hatred for the miscommunication trope AND EXCUSE ME WHILE I CACKLE AND BASICALLY JUST LIVE FOR IT. i hate miscommunication too. IT CAN NEVER BE WELL DONE OK?? the universe is physically incapable. WHAT HAPPENED TO PUTTING YOUR EARS TO GOOD USE AND USING BASIC COMMON SENSE BEFOR COMING TO CONCLUSIONS SO QUICKLY??

    but omg grumpyxsunshine and found family FOREVER THEYRE THE ABSOLUTE BEST, MY ETERANAL LOVES. and yes YOU HEARD RIGHT its in six of crows AND ITS BASICALLY PHENOMENAL and like they go from being desperate to kill each other TO DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SAVE THEM AND JUST. read it PLEASE OK?? I’M BEGGING.

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    1. TYSM ❤ ❤ I wanted to make it more purple, and also sparkly because who doesn't love glitter.

      EXACTLY BECAUSE THEN THE TENSION IS SO PERFECT?? Especially in fantasy settings where they go from trying to actively fight each other to fighting for each other?? Live for that. THE ACCIDENTAL LOVE YES I'M A FAN AND I LOVE IT FOREVER.

      LOL YEAH this really just devolved into me complaining about miscommunication. It's purpose is fulfilled 😌. But yes seriously, they're supposed to care about each other?? So before instantly deciding something is true they could. Oh, I don't know. COMMUNICATE?! It's really just annoying at this point and I loathe reading it.

      I WILL. ONE DAY. HOPEFULLY. I LOVE FOUND FAMILY SO I THINK I'LL LOVE SoC?! But also I've been procrastinating on my TBR for half a year… okay I vow to read it before the end of January. But also don't hold me to that in case I forget. Thank you for reading!! ❤


    I COMPLETELY agree with you on enemies to lovers, it’s amazing when they’re actually enemies but I absolutely hate it when it’s marketed as one and they’re not 😦

    Arranged marriage with enemies to lovers is my favourite hahah it works so well!

    MISCOMMUNICATION IS THE WORST, most of the times the problem could be solved if they had just talked it out?? But nooOo


    Adored this!

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    1. TYSM ❤ ❤
      Yesss it's so frustrating to get hate to love, or other not really enemies to lovers when it's not what you're expecting 😦

      Yess I'm yet to see it done badly and the dynamic and banter is always perfection ❤

      MISCOMMUNICATION IS TERRIBLE AND I DESPISE IT SO MUCH. Can they just not. Speak? Or. Take time to actually, oh I don't know, think about it?? communicate?? something?? please?? It's just extremely annoying at this point.

      100% found family is perfection.



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