What I’ve been up to! + January things!! Also it’s 2023?? What?? I refuse?? When did that happen??

Happy New Years!! And also Happy Holidays!! because I missed that too… The past few months have been chaotic (in a good way) and also it’s a whole new year?! What?! I swear it was just March like… yesterday. But beyond my blatant denial of the passage of time, I’ve actually kind of set goals! Which, considering my lack of organization, is very impressive.

The Folk of the Air Trilogy- I didn’t love the romance at times?? However the plot (and Jude) were both perfection so I ended up adoring this series. Also morally gray power hungry mc?? Sign me up.

Iron Widow <33- More morally gray main characters?? Love that. Zetian was ruthless, bloodthirsty perfection, and everything I never knew I needed in a character. Complete with East Asian rep and a gripping plot (and historical references, which I’m always here for) Iron Widow was easily one of the best books I read this year, and I’m incredibly excited for heavenly tyrant.

Legendborn and Bloodmarked- The Legendborn Cycle stole my heart this year. The characters, the universe, and the fact that it was a captivating retelling of sorts had me hooked. I adored its approach towards more sensitive topics in the book, as well as the portrayal of racism even within a modern society. Bree’s journey in particular is wonderful to read. There was no second book syndrome so that’s always a bonus!! Bloodmarked was fairly fast paced, but I personally really enjoyed that. I can’t wait for the third book of this series.

Once Upon a Broken Heart and The Ballad Of Never After- Jacks>>> but also this broke me. After the ending of the first book (which I read last year) I was in desperate need of the second…and now I need the third. At this point, I need a happy ending to this trilogy or I’ll be sad forever. Even so, the books were beautifully done and further reminds me of the point that I’m yet to read Caraval…

Haikyu!!- I’ve really only read the timeskip manga and the first volume and then watched the show for everything else. I loved them however, so I’ll likely continue reading them for all the missed details within the show. Also I adored the show so that’s a bonus. It has my heart.

American Panda- This was more of a comfort read, and despite my hate for the cover, I did end up really liking how sweet and hopeful the story ended up being. Overall, it was more of comfort/rainy day read. While it isn’t my favorite on this list, it was really sweet read and I loved the character growth.

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow- I’m always here for a good academic rivals to lovers, and this book really hit the spot. It was funny and sweet and overall a lovely read.

If You Could See The Sun- I was really excited to finally read this, and it did not disappoint. I ended up really loving the family dynamics (and general relationships) as well as banter? Love banter? It was perfection and I loved it.

Overall, I’ve had a great year of reading and I can really only think of one or two books which I didn’t end up liking, so it’s not getting its own section of complaints.

I made my school’s tennis team!! That was really exciting for me, but also I’ve kind of been too busy to practice for all of break…oops?? So I really need to get back to that soon.

My sister came to visit from college!! Yay!! Exciting, especially since she moved out of state so we don’t talk as much any more.

Also, I made kind of the best Christmas gift for her ever (in my very biased opinion) and it turned out really well!! Kind of proud of myself considering my usual lack of artistic ability, and it was surprisingly fun to make as well so that was lovely. And because I’m proud of it, I’m adding pictures and I cannot be stopped ❤ Also ignore the lack of drawing ability on the card we had issues ❤ I made the card kinda Haikyu!! themed because she also loves that show and also I had stickers. Which I don’t remember ever buying?? But?? I found them so… guess I must’ve? Perhaps it was a gift or something. Also I wrapped a keychain for her, but I never took a picture of that packaging, which I’ll be sad about forever. I got her a complete collection of Jane Austen’s works because she’s partially through reading all of them, and I got her a little notebook, as well as a jar filled with her favorite candy and her favorite quotes. I hope she never expects anything even mildly as good because I’m fairly certain I’m going to be lazy next year.

I went on a cruise! It’s the reason that I was inactive for about a week, and also the reason I haven’t been able to post. It was incredibly fun, but being me, I mainly only got pictures of the food… but hey the food looked great so I really can’t be blamed. And yes, by food I do mainly mean desserts… again! Looked great! Can’t be blamed.

I hit 200 followers!! Thank you all so much. One of my favorite parts about blogging is the community, and the one I have is particularly lovely, so thank you.

Min shared her thoughts about If You Could See the Sun in a wonderful review, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and relate to so much?? Also this is spoiler free, so even if you haven’t read it you can still appreciate this (and be convinced to give it a try because it’s wonderful).

Suhani talked about her best and worst reads of 2022 (and I strongly agreed with many of these so this was perfect to read) and she reviewed If We Were Villains (which may or may not have convinced me to buy it. if I end up in crippling financial ruin due to buying too many books this is proof it’s not entirely my fault. but also i’m okay with that books are wonderful <3)

Anoushka did an end of year reading challenge with fun narration, popcorn!! and books. The things that make a wonderful time ❤ It was very fun to read and chaotic perfection, so I’d definitely reccomend it.

Sophia talked about if book blogging was dying and how it’s actually evolving, and it was a really interesting perspective to read. It had so many wonderful points, and was really well thought out. It made me think, and you should definitely check this out.

Be more consistent with posts- I think this is something I’ve been meaning to start doing for a while, and it’s honestly good to have a consistent routine so I can make it a habit, and have an expected date to post on. At this point I’m not super sure what that’ll be yet? I’m thinking it’ll most likely be on Sundays, but if I have time I’ll try to post on other days.

Start writing a story and stick to it- I spend a lot of time making lots of little snippets of stories that come to my head, but I struggle in terms of plotting it out and eventually just give up. Because of that, I want to at least make something, even if it’s not the best, just to get better at actually committing to stories I attempt to write.

Keep up with ARCs and my general TBR- I kind of overcommit to reading and I end up not finishing the goals I had?? So I definitely want to improve that this year, and try to read at least 100 books.

Favorite books from this year? Disappointments? Goals? Tell me all, let’s chat in the comments!


10 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to! + January things!! Also it’s 2023?? What?? I refuse?? When did that happen??

  1. ballad of never after is AMAZING and jacks is the reason why i continue to have impossibly high standerds lol. i can’t wait for the sequel!! and so glad you enjoyed it ❤
    if you like garber's prose, you must read caraval asdfghjkl. it's so poetic with GORGEOUS one-liners.

    i really should get to iron widow- i've been seeing it EVERYWHERE
    hope you have a great 2023 ❤

    ps: congratulations on getting into the tennis team!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yesss Jacks is wonderful ❤
      I can't wait for the third book either, but at the same time I'm kind of scared to see where it goes with the ending of the second.
      It's on my TBR (and has been for six months but shh we ignore that) so hopefully I'll get to that soon??
      Iron Widow is amazing, and I hope you love it!!
      You too!!
      Tysm! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m kind of terrified for that actually because I’m not sure I can handle that again </3

        but also I’m sure the writing will be perfect so I’ll read it anyway??

        i hope you love it too!! ❤

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  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you have a great 2023!! ❤
    The folk of the air was definitely of my faves too, mainly because of Jude hahah
    I NEED to complete legendborn I’m about halfway through and have to get through the rest ahhh.
    I LOVED once upon a broken heart, it was so cute, I have to read the sequel asap!
    Thank you so much for the mention YOU’RE THE SWEETEST AND YES YES YES READ IF WE WERE VILLAINS !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year, you too!! ❤
      Jude was my favorite part of that series, and is one of my favorite mcs
      ahhh omg tell me all your thoughts when you finish
      the amount of annotating I did for some of the lines in that book ❤ it was adorable, but the ending hurt
      OFC <33 and I most definitely will it sounds amazing!!


  3. AOJRJAKDJWKSIE AMAYA?? I LOVE THIS??? look i MUST get to legendborn and the ballad of never after and IRON WIDOW soon BUT MAYBE WE COULD MAKE DEALS WHEREIN YOU READ SIX OF CROWS AND I NEGOTIATE WITH IRON WIDOW?? 👀 but I agree with American panda IT WAS SO GOOD?? AND ALSO HAS THE MOST FABULOUS ASIAN REP 😌 omg congrats on making the tennis team IM SO PROUD!!!!!! The cruise sounds like SO much fun I HOPE YOU HAD THE BEST TIME!!!!! oh and we MUST talk about those gifts you made your sister?? I LOVE?? Tysm for sharing my post IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME YOURE AWESOME!!!! have the best ever 2023 and good luck with all the goals!!!!!


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