Best Gifts For Bookworms!!

Okay, so it’s not technically the holidays yet. But it’s never too early to start planning your Wishlist so here we are! Books are always an obvious (and much appreciated) option, but there’s more you can get the wonderful book obsessed person in your life (or yourself!). And this uh… totally isn’t a way to subtly shove my Wishlist at everyone who knows me in real life… not at all…

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Author Interview With Deeba Zargarpur!!

A while ago, I received an ARC for House of Yesterday (which I reviewed here) and I really enjoyed the book! So, I decided to reach out to the author and hope for an interview. And I was successful?!! (Thank you so much for that, this was incredibly interesting and fun to do!!) Which was the best thing ever, so I’m excited to share this with all of you!!

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October Wrap Up + November Goals!!

Hello!! October is over, and I’ve managed to accomplish things! Which, considering my laziness, is very impressive and I deserve applause. Also cake. Cake would be nice. I did end up having a relaxed(ish) month in terms of school (entirely because of Fall break, it has all my love and appreciation) though I once again haven’t been super active on here. BUT I DID READ KIND OF. Which was always lovely (though it was mainly rereads so I’m not going to talk about that much) and had created the perfect cozy set up complete with hot cocoa!! So, the ultimate cozy vibes as I got lost in books. Perfection. Continuing on, let’s talk about October!

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My Love/Hate Relationship With The Cruel Prince (Warning: Spoilers)

Hello again! I’m writing this because I woke up today and was in the mood to be controversial! Which is a very common thing that happens to everyone, actually. Anyway, I did end up really enjoying this series, and while I loved most of the characters individually not you locke, you don’t even get your name capitalized. also taryn. don’t love you. you’re kind of the worst. not as bad as valerian though. I didn’t end up loving Jude and Cardan together at first, but eventually came to terms with them. A common reason I see people disliking this book and this series is because they don’t like the romance aspect. That’s fair, I get it, and in the first book I could completely see where they were coming from. But the trilogy is a lot more than the romance, and it’s filled with a wonderful morally gray main character (love this) and political drama!! Which is the best thing ever and I cannot be convinced otherwise. So essentially, I’ll be spending this post arguing with myself! Okay so I didn’t exactly think this through… let’s start anyway!

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Poems I Like!

I tend to read a lot of poetry (though I’m terrible at writing any, so I’ve essentially given up on those) so I used a board in my room to pin up my favorites! A friend of mine somehow perfectly cut out the butterflies?? (I will forever be in awe of her artistic abilities, because I attempted to do this one time… and we don’t use those butterflies). Moving on from my lack of artistic ability, I decided to share a few of my favorites and ramble about them because they are wonderful!

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Firsts In Books!

It’s fall break! Yay!! I took the first two days to read and relax, but I’ve decided to be mildly productive and post! Shocking, I know. Is the going to be possible daily posting from this day onwards for the rest of break? Yes (but don’t hold me to that because I’m lazy). This post is inspired entirely by my nostalgic self remembering everything I used to love, and it’s actually really fun to see how I changed in my reading tastes?! So, clearly, the only logical thing to do in this situation is scream about everything I used to love on my blog!

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Bookshelf Updates + To Be Bought!!

I’m not really finished!! I think I should preface this by saying that so nobody expects too much. And no, this isn’t because I’m secretly living in a mountain of books and have millions to sort through, it’s simply due to the fact that, for lack of better words, I’m lazy. I procrastinate on absolutely everything, and this has been no exception. Of course, school and things have gotten in the way, and uh… other excuses, but I did make a little bit of progress?? So that’s something??

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