Poems I Like!

I tend to read a lot of poetry (though I’m terrible at writing any, so I’ve essentially given up on those) so I used a board in my room to pin up my favorites! A friend of mine somehow perfectly cut out the butterflies?? (I will forever be in awe of her artistic abilities, because I attempted to do this one time… and we don’t use those butterflies). Moving on from my lack of artistic ability, I decided to share a few of my favorites and ramble about them because they are wonderful!

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Monthiversary!! (A day late)

Yesterday was my monthiversary!! Mauve Mumblings is officially a month old (which, considering my lack of commitment is impressive) and I hit a hundred followers?!! TYSM!! ❤️❤️ Sounds like a perfect day for a post, and it really would’ve been if I wasn’t at the airport, and I didn’t get home late. But unfortunately, I was too tired from traveling (and I had to sleep because school today 🤮) so I didn’t. The official date is the 28th which is perfect, because I can celebrate in February too!! In celebration of all of this, I got a Bookstagram!!! Instagram kind of makes sense so that’s always lovely???

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Life Updates (Ranting)

Where shall I begin??? I got a Goodreads, so that’s new!! Let’s be friends so we can scream about books together (because ranting with others is more fun than ranting to yourself sometimes❤️) and generally have a good time! Goodreads is really confusing… I don’t know if this is because I’m not the smartest, or because there’s a learning curve. But yeah, if you have a Goodreads and want to be friends, I linked my profile above and it’s also on the sidebar of the blog.

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