The Remarkable Blogger Tag!

Hello again! Am I trying to be super active to make up for the lack of inactivity? Yup. But I’m very excited to do this tag so I can talk about myself and be generally narcissistic we can get to know each other better! This tag is originally created by Selina@Selina’sGardenOfThoughts, and I was nominated by the wonderful Aayushi @AshRadiance!!! You should go read her post because it’s lovely and very fun. Without further adieu, let’s get started.

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LGBTQ+ Historical Icons Tag!!

Hi! So, I’m aware I’ve been slightly dead for a little bit, but I’m back! School was being a pain, and after I finished homework, I was too tired to do anything but binge watch dramas. Also, my computer wasn’t working for a bit? So uh. Excuses. Yeah. BUT I’M BACK!! And!! I’ve been tagged by the wonderful Riddhi @Whispering Stories! Her post is wonderful, so definitely check that out.

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Book Tag!! |Last, Now, Next|

I found this tag over on Madeline @ The Bookish Mutant (they have a wonderful blog that you should definitely follow) and it looked incredibly fun, but I never got to it. I saw it again on Library In The Tower (another incredible book blog) and decided to try it for myself! This was originally created by  Shivakshi @ Tales I Tell.

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