October Wrap Up + November Goals!!

Hello!! October is over, and I’ve managed to accomplish things! Which, considering my laziness, is very impressive and I deserve applause. Also cake. Cake would be nice. I did end up having a relaxed(ish) month in terms of school (entirely because of Fall break, it has all my love and appreciation) though I once again haven’t been super active on here. BUT I DID READ KIND OF. Which was always lovely (though it was mainly rereads so I’m not going to talk about that much) and had created the perfect cozy set up complete with hot cocoa!! So, the ultimate cozy vibes as I got lost in books. Perfection. Continuing on, let’s talk about October!

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July Wrap-Up + August Goals

July feels like it went by too fast. Maybe I’m just saying that because I don’t want to go back to school in August… but I was productive this month!! Well… I caught up on all the Marvel shows I hadn’t watched yet, and I did read some books!! Which is!! Improvement!! I’ve been on a reading slump for ages and I miss books. AND! I finally watched Business Proposal which was lovely. I’ve decided to make an attempt at graphics using Canva so… let’s see how this goes??? Also I have no idea what you’re talking about I didn’t lose my perception of time and realize by evening that it was already July 31 and that I was supposed to make this. Didn’t happen. Nope.

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